Welcome to your beautiful Library!                                              
Welcome to the Vista Grande Elementary School Library. The library is open daily for students to check out books. Kindergarten students will check one book each time they come to Library Class, and Grades 1-5 may check out two books.Students may get a new book as soon as they turn in another book. They are welcome every day. We encourage our students to read as many books as they can during the year.

                                         Marina Bean:   Library Media Specialist (
                                         Crista Phelps: Library Instructional Assistant
                                         Phone#: 771-2366 ext. 151 

 Box tops! Box tops!           
Please! Save those Box Tops for Education for our PTO! PTO raised over $2000.00 last year from box tops and invested the funds back into materials and programs for our students. Students may bring in ten or more trimmed box tops in a baggie, or 10-20 Box Tops glued onto one of our Box Top pages, to the library and pick out a prize. We need the name of your child's teacher on the bag or page so we can keep track of and reward the number each class brings in.

Overdue and Damaged Books Policy             Image result for damaged books
When a book is lost or damaged you may be asked to pay for the book or be charged a fine for the damage. The price we charge you for a book is its price that we paid for the (library-bound) book. If a lost book is found within one year and in good condition you may return it for a full refund. If a book is damaged but still usable we will bill you for 1/5 -1/2 the cost of the book. When the damage is minor we speak to the child who returned it and then clean or repair the book. Every book that is checked in is inspected and cleaned before it goes back on the shelf. Any damage is noted on the inside cover. New Mexico State Statute Chapter 280 advises schools to hold parents responsible for loss, damage or destruction of instructional materials.

Most of our students take great care of the books. Much of the damage occurs from books in backpacks with water bottles. We stress to each class the importance of not putting water bottles inside backpacks.
We have purchased a plastic book bag for every student to keep inside of their backpack for the sole purpose of protecting their library books. This will keep the books from damage from loose crayons, pencils and markers that may be in the backpack. It should also offer protection from snacks. Additional bags are available to any student for $1.00 in the library.
Our students are great readers and our books receive heavy use. We are working hard with the students to keep all of the books we have in good condition. Thank you for your support. If you have any questions please call us or drop in the library.


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