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Marili Rosado

Hello Parents, I am the music teacher to all grade levels at Vista Grande. As a student many years ago, I can tell you that learning music was one of my fondest memories and self-esteem boosters. It also taught me lifelong lessons, like dedication, perseverance and drive.  This year, there is much for your child to learn!

Students will begin by experiencing the most basic skill in music, the beat. Students will learn that all words have their own rhythm. They will have fun thinking of and saying word groups that match a rhythmic pattern. At home you may find your student putting together words in rhythm just for fun.

Knowledge of music composition builds as students work on their music reading skills. Whole notes, half notes, quarter notes, and eighth notes will become recognizable. Students learn that the notes on the spaces and lines of the music staff all have names. After plotting a melody on a music staff, students will be challenged to sing it.

Children will be singing and playing instruments from the pentatonic scale, but will continue to learn using the pitches fa and ti. When you listen to music or sing with your child, notice how the melody moves. Sometimes it moves to the next higher or lower pitch in a step. Sometimes it skips a note and sometimes it leaps many notes between pitches. Try to identify the steps, skips, and leaps in music that you like to listen to and sing together. They will put these skills to use more and more as they play pitched instruments such as the xylophone and metallophone. If you have a piano or xylophone at home, experiment with your child to find combinations of two notes that sound good together.

Your child will explore the concepts of rhythm and beat, learning more complex rhythms and how they are written and used. Listening to and singing traditional American music will serve as an introduction to pentatonic scales, pitch, range, and keys, as well as to the special sounds of various bluegrass instruments. Musical texture will be reinforced through the creation of rhythmic pieces. Students will have the chance to get up and dance while learning the musical form of songs.

Students will encounter many fun musical challenges. They will have the opportunity to sing and play instruments alone, or in rounds and in cannons. They will play melodies and harmonies, in pitched instruments and have fun in drum circles using our African drums. They will provide their own accompaniment or sing acapella. In short they will have an entertaining and enriching musical journey!!!

Musically yours,

Marili Rosado


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