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San Diego Zoo

That Quiz (math practice)



Mouse Practice

Mouse Practice: Snowman

Mouse Practice: Make a Face

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US Presidents

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NWEA MAP Reading

Skills Navigator

Time for Kids

Animals A-to-Z

Enchanted Learning

Ben's Guide

National Geographic Kids

Kids Astronomy (3rd gr science)

Plants in Motion (4th grade science)

US Mint

Kids in the US House

Prefixes game

Food Pyramid Game

Table Trees (multiplication)

Tackle Math Football

I Know

Simple Machines


USA States Quiz

Pigeon Stories

Spelling City

4th grade Sitton spelling

5th grade Sitton Spelling

New Mexico Facts

New Mexico (

Typing websites

New Mexico Centennial (100 years)

Nutrition Games

Free Typing Game.Net

Inference Riddle Game

Fraction Pizza Party

Contractions (3rd grade)

Memory Fractions

Jamit Fractions

Fraction Flags

Scholastic Folktales

Folktales Around the World

Scholastic Myths

Math - Capacity

3rd grade Space Research

3rd grade: Place Value

Mr. Nussbaum Math

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FBI-Safe Surfing

Front Row

SBA Science (4th grade)

       SBA Practice Test


Tutorials (TestNav 8 and Equation Editor)

Drawing tool - go to question 21 & 22

Practice tests-ELA

Practice tests- Math

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