December 1 is Transportation "Count Day"

Ride the Bus December 1 - And Help Fund Student Transportation!
Posted on 11/28/2016
If your child currently rides the bus or is planning to ride the bus during the school year, help us keep dollars in the classroom by having him or her ride the bus this Thursday, December 1 in either the morning or afternoon.

RRPS school busThe amount of money we receive to transport students to and from school is determined by counting the number of students who ride the bus on the 80th and 120th days (December 1 and February 8). RRPS is chronically underfunded by the state for transportation and has to subsidize bus services through operational dollars meant to pay for classroom instruction.  The situation is especially critical this year because the state is in a budget crisis and is cutting both operational and transportation funding to schools.  Please click here to read our flyer with additional information. 

So it is crucial that any student who currently rides or plans to ride the bus during the school year rides the bus on Thursday, December 1 and Wednesday, February 8.  This will help us keep dollars in the classroom. Thank you in advance for your help.