Dear Parents and Students, 

Join the Pumpkin Pageant by decorating a pumpkin as your favorite book character! Totally optional!   It’s easy and fun for the whole family!  Students may bring in a decorated, smallish pumpkin to the school library between now and October 28.  All entries must be received in the library  by the morning of October 28th to also be entered into a contest.


1.  ABSOLUTELY NO CARVED PUMPKINS!  Carved pumpkins rot quickly.  More importantly, we don’t want a child handling knives or carving tools.  Carved pumpkins  will be sent home.  Pumpkins may be painted (NO SPRAY PAINT - IT ROTS PUMPKINS QUICKLY) , hot glued, colored, etc. 

2.  Pumpkins should represent a favorite book character.  

3.  This is a home project. K thru 2nd grade students may work with parents to complete a pumpkin as a “family.”  3rd-5th grade students should do most of the work themselves.

4.  Pumpkins may be transported on the bus, but they must fit in the student’s lap and be inside a bag.  

5.  Do not write your name anywhere on the pumpkin.  When you bring your pumpkin to Mrs. Bean, she will take your name, and the name of the book and character.

6.  Pumpkins entered as contest contenders will be judged according to the following categories:

  • K thru 2nd Grade “Family” Pumpkins

  • 3rd Grade thru 5th Grade Student Pumpkins

7.  Judging will be conducted by a panel of judges.

8.  Prizes:  One winner in each category will be chosen.  Each winner will receive a poster and book. 

9.  Pumpkins will be sent home after October 31.  Any pumpkins remaining by November 3rd will be discarded.